Project statistician


案件管理番号 2806
勤務地 神戸
仕事内容 <Overall Job Purpose>
Provide strong statistical leadership in the process of drug
development in Asia-Pacific region
The Project statistician develops or assists in the development of protocol designs,
clinical plans, and data analysis plans in collaboration with physicians,
veterinarians, and/or medical colleagues.
The Project Statistician is responsible for working with research associates and
scientists to establish a reporting database and
for analyzing data for these types of studies.

主な職責/Primary responsibilities
Statistical Trial Design and Analysis
・Operate in collaboration with study personnel to provide input on study protocol,
design studies and write protocols for the conduct of each study.
・Assist in or be accountable for selecting statistical methods for data analysis,
authoring the corresponding sections of the protocol,
and conducting the actual analysis once a reporting database is created.
・Collaborate with data management in the planning and implementation of
data quality assurance plans.
・Maintain currency with respect to statistical methodology,
to maintain proficiency in applying new and varied methods,
and to be competent in justifying methods selected.
・Participate in peer-review work products from other statistical colleagues.
応募資格 <必須経験(Required Experience (mandatory for hiring)>
◆ M.S., Ph.D., or equivalent experience in Statistics,
Biostatistics, or equivalent of field study
◆ Ph.D. more preferable

<望ましい経験/Desirable Experience>
◆ Experiences of collaboration with team outside of Japan
(preferred: overseas living experience)?

<必須応募資格/Essential skills and license (mandatory for hiring)>
◆ Statistical and methodological knowledge in clinical development,
epidemiology or related field.
◆ Regulatory knowledge of clinical trial methodology and statistics.
◆ Ability to build relationships with individuals and teams.
◆ Strong English and Japanese communication and presentation skills

<望ましい資格/Desirable skills and license>
◆ Proficient in the SAS programming language
年齢制限 30歳以上45歳以下 (長期勤続によるキャリア形成のため若年者等を採用するため/省令3号のイ
給料待遇 【給与】 当社規定により優遇
【昇給】 定期的に年一回
【賞与】 年3回(6月、12月、3月)
休日休暇 完全週休2日制(土・日曜日)、祝日、クリスマス、
※年間休日125日 年次有給休暇、慶弔等
福利厚生・勤務時間 勤務時間】8:45~17:30


企業名 非公開
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